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Prison Break Season 5: You Have Our Attention, We Think…

It’s finally here. Prison Break Season 5 is finally here. We all previously thought that Michael Scofield’s mishap with the circuit breakers – resulting in his electrocution and untimely death (which annoyed all of us) – was the end of the series that kept us wanting more. However, now that it is here, we’re all pretty stoked on trying not to rip out our TV sets.

The first episode in the newest season puts the infamous crew in the Middle East in the beautiful country of Yemen. For some reason, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is back at it again with his life of crime, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is suddenly alive. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) is raising their son with some new guy, Jacob (played by Mark Feuerstein) and guess who messes everything up again?

T-Bag (Robert Knepper) is also back as the sick villain that we’ve all hated from the very beginning, and of course he chooses (again) to try and break the seemingly perfect world that everybody lives in.

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So Did We Like The First Episode?

So T-Bag gets ahold of a photo of Michael imprisoned and somehow everybody finds out (of course. ) Lincoln recruits the gang and tries to get to Michael in prison, and Michael denies being Michael, he has new tattoos, claims he’s Kaniel Outis, a notorious terrorist, but still seems to still love folding paper. That’s all we have lest we spoil the episode for you.

Well it’s too early to say that we actually liked the ‘first’ episode of Prison Break, but it does seem to have the usual mix of action, mystery, origami and tattoos. However, we still have yet to see if nostalgia will really play a role in our newfound love for the show.

The old seasons were one of a kind, prompting many of us to sit in disbelief each and every time the credits rolled. It was like the Game of Thrones of the 90s were we’d happily throw popcorn at the television each time we weren’t spoilt with reveals. As with all reboots/remakes and nostalgia in general, we still have to see what this 9-episode season will look like.

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