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Pokemon GO Update Includes Ditto, Nearby Feature Expansion & CP

In the latest Pokemon GO update, Ditto has been discovered by Professor Willow. There’ s also a Nearby Feature expansion to new areas including all states west of the Mississippi River in the US. Plus, there’s an update on some Pokemon’s Combat Power (CP) including Rhydon, Alakazam and Gengar, among others. 

Pokemon GO Update On Ditto, Nearby Feature

Ditto Has Been Discovered!

According to Pokemon GO Live’s website, Professor Willow has finally discovered Ditto, a Normal type of Pokemon. However, it will be tricky to catch this one because it disguises itself into other Pokemon. That’s why a player that catches Pidgey, Rattata, Magikarp, Spearow or even Zubat, may actually have Ditto in his or her possession.

Ditto will simply reveal itself for other trainers during an encounter. When players interact at Gyms using Ditto, it will also mimic the appearance, moves and types of the first Pokemon it sees. It will stay in that form through the end of the Gym battle.

Pokemon Go London event

Participants in the Pokémon GO public event in London. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons/Jwslubbock

Nearby Feature Expansion To New Areas

Another Pokemon GO update affects the Nearby Feature. It now includes changes to Sightings. Plus, the Nearby feature will only show up if a PokeStop is near a player’s location.

The Nearby Feature was originally being tested in San Francisco, California only. Now, trainers can use the Nearby and Sightings function in the following areas:

  • US: All states west of the Mississippi River, except Alaska and Hawaii
  • Australia: All territories and states
  • Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the western half of Ontario

“Pokemon Go” Update On Combat Power (CP) Changes

CP Increase

Some Pokemon such as Alakazam, Rhydon and Gengar, had their Combat Power increased. According to the “Pokemon Go” team, the changes in CP will allow a more competitive and balanced training and battling experience in Gyms. They said that they’ll continue to adjust the CP as needed.

Meanwhile, some members of the Silph Road subreddit researched about which other Pokemon had its CP increased. They compiled it in a Google Sheet document titled CP Changes, which indicates that Electabuzz, Dragonite, Jolteon and Kabutops also had an increase in Combat Power.

CP Decrease

Unfortunately, while some Pokemon increased its Combat Power, others had a decrease in CP. These include Grimer, Ivysaur, Caterpie and Blastoise, among others.

“Pokemon Go” Celebration

“Pokemon Go” developer Niantic wants to thank its fans for their continued support through a celebration. They will provide all players with additional experience points (XP) whenever they complete actions in the game such as visiting PokeStops, catching Pokemon, battling in Gyms, and many more. This event will run from Nov. 23 at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) up to 00:00 on Nov. 30.

Pokemon GO Update Of App

The app is also part of the Pokemon GO update in November. It has been upgraded to version 1.17.0 for iOS and 0.47.1 for Android. Some of the changes include a minor fix to a graphical issue and some text fixes. The graphical issue concerns the Egg-hatching cutscene animation, wherein the animation would sometimes become briefly visible when viewing the map.


What do you think of the latest Pokemon GO update which includes Ditto’s appearance as well as the nearby feature expansion to new areas and CP changes in certain Pokemon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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