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Kobe Paras NBA Draft: Truth, Myth or Rumor

Kobe Paras is one of the hottest Filipino players as of the time of this writing as he seems to be headed to the NBA draft anytime soon. Read on for more news on the Kobe Paras NBA Draft and what we think about this rising star!

According to the Facebook Page, PBA and NBA Trashtalk:


Kobe Paras has officially declared for the NBA Draft.

Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are the teams that are interested in drafting Kobe.”

Although, the young basketball player that hails from the Philippines hasn’t said anything yet. Some netizens are reporting that there are rumors circulating that he could be eligible for the NBA draft.

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Kobe Paras NBA Draft: Eligibility

According to Draft Site:

  • Player must be 19 years old during draft calender year, and at least one season has passed since graduation of high school. If player did not graduate high school
  • Player must declare his eligibility 60 days before draft
  • Players are automatically eligible if United States player completes college eligibility or international player turns 22 by December 31.
  • An American player who signs a contract and plays for an international team is automatically eligible by age of 19.
  • No player is eligible for more than 2 drafts
  • Player loses college eligibility if agent is hired, or declares for draft twice

Paras seems to make some of these cuts, but he hasn’t given out an official statement yet. The 19-year-old shooting guard and small forward is the son of former Philippine Basketball Association two-time MVP Benjie Paras – renowned for being the only player in Philippine history to have had Rookie of the Year and MVP at the same time.

The young protégé is currently playing for the Creighton Blue Jays and is currently averaging 4.7 minutes, 1.3 points, 1 rebound and 0.2 assists per game. Many people are saying that its too early for Kobe Paras to declare for the draft as his talent is still too raw and it would be better if he developed under the NCAA for a little more time.

We still have to wait and confirm if the Kobe Paras NBA draft news is true.

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