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iPhone 8 Release Date: Please Lose The Borders!

For everyone who’s always updated when it comes to technology, the iPhone 8 is finally arriving and if you can actually believe it, this marks the tenth year of the iPhone. So for all of you iPhone fanboys out there – we kid, we kid – this is what we have all been waiting for, for oh so long. So when exactly is the iPhone 8 release date?

However, there are reports circulating that the newest iPhone might not even come out in September. In fact, according to an article by CNET, a source of theirs projects that the iPhone release could be delayed by a few months.


Well we aren’t really so sure about the usual release dates to begin with because phone companies love to keep us in the dark – possibly to excite us or maybe just to drive their marketing campaigns. However, we know the boys at Apple love releasing their phones every September.

The rumoured iPhone 8 is said to be a special edition because it marks a decade of the smartphone’s inception. If it were to be so, other rumours indicate that the new iPhone could have a screen spanning the entire width of the phone, we could be looking an OLED screen that touches the left and right edges of the phone. Look out Samsung someone’s coming for you.

Check out this concept trailer:

Other said potential upgrades are the usual hardware changes and other aesthetic redesigns. Although, people have to understand that changes like enlarged OLED screens will take a lot of time, in fact there has been a story making the rounds that they have been having problems with laminating the OLED displays.

What Are The Other Upgrades?

Here’s an upgrade we do not want to have. They’re reportedly also upgrading the price to an annoying round number, $1,000. That’s the price of a brand new gaming computer, or the lower band on designer bags. It seems like Apple is really upping the ante with this launch.

Stay tuned for more updates on technology in general, the iPhone 8 release date and other Apple versus Samsung shenanigans, right here on Tripped Media!


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