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What Happened To The Pokemon GO ‘Fad’ – PvP and Trading Coming Soon

One of the most highly anticipated games of 2016 was Pokemon GO. Upon its release (without factoring the free illegal APK downloads) millions were glued to their mobile screens, but the Pokemon GO ‘fad’ didn’t last for long as people started normalizing to simply just Facebook-ing on their phones.

However, this is not an indicator of the death of Pokemon GO, as it has been reported that there still more than 60 million active players in the world right now. What started out as more of a social phenomenon is still very alive according to the John Hanke, Niantic CEO.

In fact, just in February, Niantic decided tp release 80 ‘new’ Pokemon into the game, most possibly in a bid to increase the interest people have in the game. Although, it could also be that in the time that Pokemon was available in the market, some players have probably almost ‘caught them all.’

What Happened to Pokemon GO?

It goes without saying that Pokemon GO was one of the most highly hyped games of last year. However, this quickly plateaued due to a number of factors that did not keep the users that they drew in.

Most ‘traditional’ Pokemon players were expecting a lot of features such Player vs Player battles (PvP,) the trading of Pokemon (usually just for evolution purposes e.g. Onix to Steelix) and the lack of legendary Pokemon.

The game pretty much failed to deliver in these very important aspects, although a lot of people were suggesting that these features could be added later on. Everyone just couldn’t wait that long.

Regardless of the missing features with 65 million active players – which is 10 million more than Minecraft’s 55 million – Pokemon GO can still be considered a partial commercial success.

Oh and Niantic has already hinted that legendary Pokemon GO Pokemon might be available at future special events… which we are all still eagerly waiting for.

In addition, John Hanke has already promised that we will be getting PvP battles and the trading of Pokemon sooner that we’re expecting.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO updates and details right here on Tripped Media.

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