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Yuri!!! On Ice Season Finale ‘Let’s End This” Meaning To Be Revealed

Yuri!!! On Ice, one of the most popular anime this season reaches its season finale. The final episode will air on December 22 and fans can’t wait what will happen to the Victuuri ship. The last episode of the figure skating anime ended in a cliffhanger with Yuri K. telling Viktor, “Let’s end this” after the credits.

Yuri K Wants to End His Student-Coach Relationship With Viktor?

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Yuri!!! On Ice episode 11 left us heartbroken when Yuri K suddenly told Victor to “end this”, but whatever it is Yuri wanted to end is still unclear. There are several speculations that Yuri K wants to end his romantic relationship with Viktor. Others, however, think that he just wants to end his student-coach relationship.

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The latter outcome sounds much more plausible considering how Yuri K. acted after he saw Victor observing his competitors. After all, Yuri K. dreams of being in the same competition with Viktor. But if this were to happen, it would seem like the Viktuuri wedding we’ve all been waiting for will have to wait till the second season.

Yuri!!! On Ice Season Finale Casts Stèphanie Lambiel as Himself

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It’s official that Swiss figure skater Stèphanie Lambiel will make an appearance in the last episode of Yuri!!! On Ice as himself. The final episode will feature the free program in the Grand Prix final which Yuri K. promises to win at. The official Yuri!!! On Ice website announced this news along with Lambiel’s picture as he dubs his character’s lines.

Oda Nobunari also appeared in the 11th episode, aired on December 14, as himself. Oda appeared as a commentator during the Grand Prix Final with the character, Hisashi Morooka, played by the real life TV Asahi commentator Taihei Katou.

The final episode of this highly anticipated anime is expected to give an ending that would hint a second season. What do you think about Yuri!!! On Ice and who do you ship the most? Stay tuned for more Yuri!!! On Ice Season Finale for more spoilers and updates!

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