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Yuri on Ice Season 2 to Be Bolder; Could Revolve Around Yuri’s Mental Health

Yuri on Ice season 2 updates have been making rounds online after an explosive season ender. The Japanese animation gained popularity for its unique storyline and fans are eager about another season to come.

Yuri on Ice bravely revolved around the topic of sexuality and this kept many fans glued to see what’s to come next.

Yuri on Ice season 1 recap

The whole of the show’s first season talked about Yuri’s journey as a prolific ice skater and his Grand Prix journey. However, in the last episode of the first season, it showed Yuri Katsuki bagging the silver medal. While this has been predicted by many fans based on the earlier episodes, fans believe that the next season will provide an opportunity for Yuri to take home the gold medal.

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Yuri on Ice season 2 speculations

Interestingly, there are speculations surrounding Yuri’s mental health issues. Mobi Picker reports that Yuri could be struggling with mental health problems after his emotional breakdown during the season finale. Fans will remember Yuri did not handle it well when he bagged only second place.

Moreover, the same outlet also mentions that Yuri often “loses confidence” and is sometimes even plagued with fear just before he enters the ice rink to compete. While the show is known to tackle sensitive issues such as sexuality, could the next season hold get any more bolder and fiercer once it airs back on TV?

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Yuri on Ice season 2 storyline, release date

In a recent report from Counsel and Heal, it was revealed that the rumored release date would be 2017. However, it is more interesting to note that TV show writer Mitsuro Kubo hinted at a sequel. In a Tumblr post, she said how excited she was.

“For the rest of this year I’ll be pouring all my energy into Yuri!!! on ICE, but I do plan on cheering for the matches on TV and online!” Kubo then went on to explain how she has “a lot of plans, including a wish to create a sequel.”

While there has not been any announcement regarding the show’s release date yet, many fans await a brand new season, hopefully, in the coming year.

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