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Yuri!!! On Ice: How One Anime Ignited The Fujoshi Explosion Worldwide

One of the most popular anime this season, Yuri!!! On Ice, ignited an explosion of fangirl screams all over the world.

With its unprecedented popularity comes the fans’ self-discovery of their Fujoshi side. Fujoshi refers to a fangirl who screams and goes crazy (in a good way) over boy x boy love.

What Made Yuri!!! On Ice Different?

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Free!, Kuroko’s Basket and Yuri!!! On Ice – all have something in common; all three anime have insanely handsome male characters. Unlike reverse harem, though, these three anime have male main characters. What sets Yuri!!! On Ice apart from the others is its innocent and successful romance between its characters.

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The anime about figure skating is not an original concept and so is boys’ love, but the anime managed to surprise everyone with new material. It is not a simple ice-skating anime nor a Yaoi anime with lots of sexual innuendos. The anime pretty much is similar to all other sports anime where the protagonist lost and find his redemption. Then, what is it about this anime that makes it so popular?

Superb animation, combined with the perfect chemistry between characters, and with the use of technology, Yuri!!! On Ice feels like it’s happening in real time. Furthermore, social media plays a big role in the anime’s story, which a lot of anime ignores.

Why The Sudden Fujoshi Explosion?

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No one really expected the BL in Yuri!!! On Ice to be that good. First of all, the anime only had comedy and sports tag onto it. The anime took a risk by introducing on mainstream TV a sport that not a lot of anime fans could relate too.

The first episode doesn’t really give off that BL vibe, instead, we got an adorable male main character. The first anime differs from the depressing first episode of Your Lie In April because the MC shows his hopeful side despite his devastating loss. On the other side, who could resist the gorgeous Viktor, his graceful moves, and fabulous hair?

The anime hinted a straight romance between Yuri K. and Yuko but it all went down to trash when the triplets showed up. The first episode then gave me a heart attack by flashing Viktor’s ass. At this point, I just gave up and succumbed to the power the two characters’ chemistry has.

Now, the anime ends and with its success, a second season might be already in the works. What did you like about Yuri!!! On Ice? Are you a certified Fujoshi now? Let us know by commenting below.

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