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Yuri On Ice Fans Claims Hallmark Copied Anime in Upcoming Movie

Yuri on Ice fans lashed out at TV network Hallmark after the network’s new show Love on Ice aired. Fans claim that Hallmark’s newest movie had eerie similarities to their favorite anime show.

Judging by the name of Hallmark’s flick, allegations have been made surrounding that the plot had been ripped off. However, Hallmark quickly debunked that claim with a rep saying how they did not even know that such a program already existed.

Yuri on Ice fans angered by Hallmark’s Love on Ice

For starters, the title bears an eerie similarity! However, followers of the hit anime program also took notice once they saw the trailer of Hallmark’s new drama film. Moreover, as the trailer went on, the storyline seemed very similar to Yuri on Ice and now fans clamor that Hallmark put a halt to airing Love on Ice.

A report from Kotaku even revealed how fans were enraged by this alleged ripoff. Further, the outlet reports that Yuri on Ice followers even called Hallmark’s movie a “whitewashed” and “homophobic” copy of their well-loved anime show.

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Yuri on Ice vs Hallmark’s Love on Ice

Love on Ice is an upcoming Hallmark movie that tells the story of a female skater who falls in love with her male coach. The official description is detailed as follows: “Former figure skating champion gets an improbable show to reclaim skating glory when a young coach sees greatness in her. Together, they find their love of skating goes far beyond the ice.” This alone raises suspicions as the anime’s storyline has already taken this direction.

However, Love on Ice‘s IMDB page has long been online since Aug. 2015. The same publication also reports that the novel the Hallmark film was based upon was published back in 2009. Yuri on Ice premiered in Japan on Oct. 5, gaining popularity in the U.S. throughout November and December. Meanwhile, Love on Ice was already filming in early November.

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Yuri on Ice fans call for petition to stop Love on Ice

Website received a petition last Jan. 2 demanding Hallmark Channel to take down Love on Ice. Surprisingly, it received over 3,000 signature in a span of two days.

“It is obvious that Hallmark is making a movie very similar to the hit anime, Yuri On Ice created by Mitsuro Kubo,” the petition reads. Thousands of outraged tweets accused Hallmark of copying Yuri on Ice, with several hundred describing it as a “heterosexual mutant clone.”

Kubo, however, asked fans to calm down. To date, the petition is still garnering signatures and Hallmark stands firm on its decision about not knowing that there was an anime program already in place even before they started production for Love on Ice. Without solid evidence to suggest Love on Ice is a ripoff, fans are now inclined to believe the similarities are pure coincidence, and Hallmark was already planning to include a figure skating romance among its schedule of winter TV movies.

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