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Yuri on Ice Season 2: Everything About The Upcoming Season!

Talks of Yuri on Ice Season 2 are starting to emerge as Season 1 is about to come to a close. The premiere season began on Oct. 5, 2016. The amalgamation of the sports and anime has always been a deadly combination for the TV audiences.

The anime show revolves around the sport of figure skating around the main character Yuri Katsuki. The struggle of Yuri as an aspiring skater found fame through an accidental video that became viral. He then finds a mentor in his idol Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov.

Yuri on Ice Season 2: Will Success Of Show Make It a Series?

Yuri on Ice Season 2 may revolve around the after effects of the Grand Prix finale performance. Reports suggest that the anime will follow the series of events that come soon after he faces a defeat in the Grand Prix finale.

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The story of Yuri is about to come to a close in Season 1 as the skaters have reached Barcelona. As his mentor Victor is missing, Yuri is facing the jitters before his final performance. Episode 10 sees him make a few fumbles but manages to come forth in the competition.

However, Victor and Yuri’s power combo is going to make a comeback in the finale episode of the anime show. But sadly, speculations suggest that the ace skater is going to lose this championship. This will be the starting point for Yuri on Ice Season 2.

Plot Details of Yuri on Ice Season 2

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Game N Guide reports that Yuri will be seen struggling to revive his drive to be an ice skater. After losing, he may be seen going through a lot of mixed emotions. And the upcoming season could chronicle this journey.

However, studio MAPPA responsible for producing the show has not yet given any official intimation on the possibility of Yuri on Ice Season 2. The silence is understandable as the studio is putting together the finale for the first installment. With First Season being so successful, will a Season 2 become imminent?

One has to wait to hear from MAPPA on the developments regarding Yuri on Ice Season 2. Episode 11 of Yuri on Ice titled, “Gotta Supercharge It! Grand Prix Final Short Program” will air on Dec. 14, 2016.

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