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Young Pope: New HBO Show And Homeland Have Something In Common

Politics and religions are two topics best left to themselves. I cannot count the number of times I came close to unfriending someone on my social media because we don’t share the same belief in religion and politics. The Young Pope and Homeland are two shows that discuss these topics extensively.

Homeland will premiere its Season 6 on Showtime while The Young Pope will air its pilot episode this Jan. 15 on HBO. Surely, next week will be filled with our own questions about our faith and our political stands.

The Young Pope questions the institution

Jude Law plays the fictional first American-born Pope Pius XIII in The Young Pope, which premieres this Sunday on HBO. Law’s character is like no other pope, however. He smokes, swears, plays pool, is manipulative, and is power-hungry.

Young PopePing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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The series, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, depicts an American archbishop in his 40s and his rapid rise in the Roman Catholic hierarchy. He was abandoned by his hippie parents, and raised in the Church by Diane Keaton’s Sister Mary. She, however, failed to prepare him for what lies ahead once he gets to the Church’s highest seat.

Pope Pius XIII brought Sister Mary to Rome with him to be his top adviser and confidante. There, he dives into himself and balances his conservative stance with his liberal attitude.

Homeland Season 6 brings irony

In the last season of Homeland, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) halted a terrorist attack in Berlin. Now, she’s in New York in Season 6. But the Mathison is no longer connected with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Instead, she’s a part of a foundation helping US-based Muslims.

The whole season will feel very political, especially because it will discuss the aftermath of the US presidential elections. It will take place in the weeks between the Election Day and the inauguration of the new president.

There are a lot of parallelism here with The Young Pope. As Law’s character there tries to navigate the intricacies of the Vatican, Homeland will balance a presidential transition that can be fatal to intelligence agencies.

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