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Wizards of Waverly Place: We Might Be Seeing A Reunion Here

What do you think of a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion? Wouldn’t that be a magical moment on TV? On Saturday night, Selena Gomez (Alex Russo) and David Henrie (Justin Russo) reminisced about the time they spent waving wands on Disney channel.

In what is her first Instagram story, Gomez was shown reuniting over dinner with her Wizards of Waverly Place co-star, Henrie. He played her on-screen brother on the show, where they are always at odds because of Alex’s single-mindedness.

Is A Wizards of Waverly Place reunion in the works?

How nostalgic would fans feel if ever a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion really takes place. Gomez teased about doing a reunion on her Instagram story. She asked: “Should we do the reunion, guys? Should we just bring Wizards of Waverly Place back? I think we should.”

Wizards of Waverly Place

Screen cap from the IG page of teenwolfselenaa

The two brainstormed about what happened to their characters. Henrie believes that Alex should be single and still trying to find herself while Max (Jake Austin), their younger brother in the show, would be “literally” lost. Gomez stood up for her character and said, “You know what, she’s killing the game, that’s what she’s doing!”

Gomez has been staying clear from her public events and social media activities, so it was nice to see her having a good time with a childhood friend. She even captioned the story with, “Having a nice night with this guy.”

By the end of the video, Henrie showed that he still has the wand they used back during the wizarding days. He even had it framed. Wizards of Waverly Place is celebrating its fifth year since it went off the air.

Henrie taught Gomez about social media

The video was revealing as to how close the two were and how much they enjoyed each other’s company when they were growing up. Apparently, it was Henrie who taught Gomez how to use Twitter. He was the one who cajoled her into signing up for the social media platform, which she eventually became the “queen” of.

So, what do you think? Like Gomez asked, should they do a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion? Maybe even a special episode will do.

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