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Will House Of Cards Season 5 Be Frank Underwood’s Fall?

House of Cards Season 5 returns on the last day of May. Fans want to know what happens to Frank Underwood. There are speculations that viewers will witness Underwood’s downfall this season. Is this the end for Kevin Spacey’s character?

House Of Cards Season 5 Premieres On May 30

House of Cards producers will drop Season 5’s first episode on May 30. There are speculations that Frank Underwood’s fate is probably hidden in the series’ overall episode count. Independent reports that Redditor Changyang1230 made the observation. The source reports that to date, Netflix’s hit TV series aired one season every year since 2013.

Moreover, each season comprises of 13 episodes which bring the total number of series to 52. The Reddit user noted that this is “the same number as a deck of cards.” Changyang1230’s theory notes that the first four House of Cards season builds up Frank’s story arc.

However, for its fifth season, viewers will see Frank’s empire crashing down. The publication reports that Netflix remains tight-lipped about the series’ future including speculations that Season 5 may be Kevin Spacey’s last. Spacey is Frank Underwood in the series.

House Of Cards Season 5 Spoilers And News

Travelers Today reports that House of Cards Season 5 got a delayed release date due to its showrunner Beau Willimon leaving the series at the end of Season 4. The latter report noted that his departure left a huge impact in the series.

Despite that, Mobipicker reported that the House of Cards production team recovered quickly and went on to prepare for the show’s fifth season. Due to the delay, speculations, and theories on what the series’ plot will be swirl around the internet.

The outlet notes that in the upcoming season, spoilers hint that Frank will “do anything just to reach his goal of entering the presidency. In addition, the source notes that Frank will accept the help offered by his confidant and loyal chief of staff, Douglas Stamper (Michael Kelly).

The publication reports that Frank will come up with strategies to eliminate his enemies that will pose as a threat to his chances of becoming president. Will Frank succeed in executing his plan?

On the other hand, the outlet notes that the Pre-Emmy voting lineup includes Netflix’s House of Cards, per a Variety report. Apart from the series, the lineup also includes the Americans and Fargo. House of Cards Season 5 Episode 1 will premiere on May 30. Do you think the fifth season is indeed Frank Underwood’s downfall? Share your thoughts with us!

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