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Will & Grace Revival Might Not Happen After All

The unconfirmed news of a Will & Grace revival must have caused fans everywhere to stop and think. Sure, the typical fan might probably have been hit with a jolt of anticipation and excitement. Any news of beloved characters making their way back would do that.

But after considering the possibility, one must wonder: Does the show even need to be back? Whom would it even be good for?

Good to Go?

Will & Grace ran from 1998-2006, and became a golden standard for TV shows with gay main characters. Though criticized at first, it went on to become one of primetime TV’s greatest hits, en route to 16 Emmy Awards. By the time the show concluded, each of its principal cast members had an Outstanding Actor or Actress award.

A few months ago, during the US Presidential Elections, the core cast of the show came together for a mini-episode of sorts. The 10-minute video was followed by the cast expressing interest in producing more episodes, according to TV Series Finale. Will (Erick McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mulally), and Jack (Sean Hayes) were all on board, a decade after the show had ended. Sometimes, getting the cast interested is just enough to kickstart production into gear.

News of the revival then sprung up with guest star Leslie Jones claiming the order of 10 new episodes, as reported by The Guardian. However, NBC itself has yet to give word on the validity of those rumors. So for all we know, the Will & Grace reunion might not happen at all.

Does Television Need It?

The concept of bringing characters back onscreen after a lengthy hiatus is hardly a new one. We’ve seen it happen with Boy Meets World, and The X-Files among other series. Prison Break is also coming back after a seven-year absence.

What makes bringing Will & Grace back risky, though, is how outdated its fundamental concept is, now. Whether we like it or not, its first airing gave off an air of novelty – the portrayal and normalization of gay characters on TV, something that had scarcely been attempted before. For the benefit of the LGBT community, of course, the “novelty” has since folded itself into a media standard. That is in the best way possible: Homosexual representation is more normal than ever before.

But if it isn’t that, there’s simply the fact that little good can come out of bringing old characters back into the limelight for the sake of nostalgia. It’s the same reason that Friends never bothered to make a comeback. As much as fans miss Rachel and the gang, memories of the show, remain pristine and unblemished. What do you think? Could TV use another round of Will & Grace? Or is it time to retire the show for good?

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