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Who’s Dying In The Vampire Diaries Final Season

The Vampire Diaries Final Season is going to have a major character death at the end. TVD fans are now coming up with different theories on who among the characters will meet his or her death. Do you have your own theories? Read on and see whether you agree with them.

A lot has been teased on what will happen on The Vampire Diaries series finale. Apart from old cast members returning, like Nina Dobrev, Pop Sugar reports that the series will feature a “major character death.”

Who Will End Up In The Coffin?

The outlet came up with theories on who among the TVD characters will say goodbye to their viewers possibly, in a coffin. The source notes that Bonnie Bennett’s (Kat Graham) name is in the list. Bonnie’s name came up because of her association with Elena Gilbert (Dobrev).

With Elena’s return to Mystic Falls, there is a strong possibility that Bonnie will meet her untimely death. However, since this prediction has been swirling for the past few months, some assume that Graham’s character is not the major character death everyone is expecting.

Another TVD character in the list is Caroline Forbes (Candice King). The source notes that the possibility of series creator Julie Plec killing off Caroline will definitely be unexpected. However, according to the website, Caroline is very much “content” with being a vampire and she will not be bargaining her life with anybody, even for Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley).

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The Vampire Diaries Final Season Theories

Bustle, on the other hand, reports that the Salvatore brothers may sacrifice their lives for Elena. The latter report notes that both Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan always had the best intentions for Dobrev’s character. Unfortunately, they have also turned her life upside down.

The outlet notes that it would be a full circle if the brothers die in the series. One, Elena will finally live a normal human life “without the hazards of being involved in a vampire love triangle.” Two, their death will establish the bond the brothers always had.

However, the initial report speculates that either Damon or Stefan will die at the finale. A possibility that this may happen comes from an Entertainment Weekly report where it confirmed that “Elena would be the last person to say goodbye at the funeral.” If that is the case, is she saying goodbye to Damon?

Or is it Stefan? Ever since he became mortal, he has been trying to find ways to make up for his past sins. The outlet posed a question whether Stefan will try and reunite his brother with his true love.

The I Was Feeling Epic episode of The Vampire Diaries will air on March 10. With all the theories and speculations swirling, one thing is for sure, this will be tough goodbye for the viewers.

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