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What’s In Store For iZombie Season 3; Episode 2’s Spoilers Here!

iZombie Season 3 brings Liv, Major and the rest of Team Z back to the small screen. The show’s executive producer Rob Thomas gives fans a glimpse of what they can look forward to this season. Meanwhile, iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 shows a different major and it’s quite funny.

Finally, after months of waiting, The CW hit zombie comedy show, iZombie returned to the small screen last Tuesday, April 4. TV Guide interviewed the show’s executive producer Rob Thomas and asked him for details about iZombie Season 3.

iZombie Rob Thomas Tells More About Liv-Major Relationship

The executive producer revealed in his interview that Season 3 will not have a big, bad villain this year. Rather, the show will focus on Liv (Rose McIver) trying to figure out her place in “the zombie vs. the human world.”

Moreover, Thomas said that Major (Robert Buckley) and Liv shippers should not have their hopes up this season. This is because the former couple will cultivate their friendship rather than the attraction that they feel towards one another. Thomas said Buckley and McIver’s characters will have other love interests this season.

“There are some romantic travails between the two of them,” says the iZombie executive producer. The outlet notes that they may not agree who they choose to date but Major and Liv will maintain a good relationship.

Thomas revealed that in Season 3, Major will have two love interests. Not giving out a lot of details, he said that one of Major’s relationship will be healthy while the other one will be the complete opposite. Thomas gave out another hint and said, “One will be a blast from the past. One will be introduced this season.”

iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers

In other iZombie news, fans saw the premiere of Season 3’s first episode last April 4 and they crave for more. notes that in iZombie Season 3 Episode 2, Liv, Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) will investigate a fatal car accident. Liv and Major will the victim’s brains: a well-meaning father and a 15-year-old teenager.

It seems Buckley’s character will provide the humor for this episode. In Episode 2’s trailer, Major will act like a 15-year-old teen would. Meanwhile, Buckley’s supporters will enjoy this episode because the actor will be showing off a lot of his abs.

The outlet notes that apart from Buckley’s abs, he will also hit a road block in his search for Natalie (Brooke Lyons). On the other hand, the episode synopsis notes that Peyton (Aly Michalka) will extend an olive branch to Ravi. iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 will air on April 11 on The CW. What can you say about the tidbits Thomas shared about Season 3? Share your thoughts with us!

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