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Westworld TV Series: Illumination of the Way of Life

The intricacies brought about by the Westworld TV series resonates with the life. For what it’s worth, the HBO show is freakishly insightful.

Jonathan Nolan laid the foundations to the Westworld TV series through eclectic influence. Case in point, the show delves into the subject of consciousness and awakening throughout. Irony is that it’s not only shedding light on the subjects as labyrinthine as the above, but also illuminating life’s meaning. Not the best thing to dwell on, but hey, it won’t do any harm!

Westworld TV Series: Consciousness

The bottom-line of the series is a misanthropic, coming-to-sentience tale of twisted minds. Also, speaking of twisted minds, Dr. Ford’s idea of consciousness is robust. Show runners derive the inspiration from The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Not to mention, ‘Bicameralism’ theory by the author Julian Jaynes takes the cynosure of the series, reports Film School Rejects.

The hypothesis in question suggests that humans’ cognitive functions, at one point, relied on the exchange between the dual side of the mind. In other words, the communication between the left and right side of the brain paved way for consciousness. Similar to the idea behind the working of the hosts in the park, except there is savagery in the series! Why not!

Besides, consciousness was always a tough nut to crack. It’s hard to say if anyone has done it to its entirety too. So much of deliberation with the consciousness is due to the fact that it determines the degree of moral responsibility. The right and wrong, love and hate and simply the truth and lie, of course.

Westworld TV Series: Awakening and Free Will

The series also throws in the idea of free will as an illumination of beings. The fact that one cannot decide what they might think the very next moment marks the free will aspect of life. We humans are at our will to do anything, but cannot explain where the intention arises from. Deep within? Where? Perhaps, a void? A chasm too dark?

Dolores and Maeve are treading on a path of self-awakening, under the circumstances. Realizing their quasi-existence is painful as is, but to awaken is to exist. Also, both understand that well. They’re in a quest to find the meaning of their existence – the meaning of life. And, so are we.

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