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Westworld Theories Seek Answers From The Impending Digital HD Release

Time to relish upon Westworld theories again! HBO is gearing up to release the entire first season of the series in Digital HD, albeit with the bonus features.

HBO’s most-watched series will see a second coming soon. Perhaps, the debut season of the sci-fi thriller series was spent largely by pondering the occurrences episode after episode. Even worse, some answers never came, but the questions went soaring. After the conclusion of the debut season, it’s safe to say that some amount of closure was attained. Nevertheless, there are questions that still linger like the embers of a fire – burning and in need of a quenching. The impending Digital HD release contemplates a degree of clarity on Westworld theories.

Westworld Theories: Debut Season

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had the last laugh when the debut season run of Westworld came to a standstill. Fans were left with disbelief, some cried foul and most of them looked for answers in all the wrong places. Reddit, for instance, became a platform to speculate and comprehend the cornerstone of Westworld. Even though couple of theories turned out to be true as foreseen by a few, some went obscure.

Now that the second season won’t arrive until 2018, HBO is kind enough to release some bonus features. Along with a Digital HD version of the first season, the bonus will feature some behind-the-scene stills. Prominent actors from the show will give their take on show’s incorporation of the ‘Dissonance Theory’ and consciousness. In that vein, the announcement video from HBO shows Rodrigo Santoro, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton giving their verdict.

Apart from the above persons, the technical team and the show runners will delve into their respective subjects. Entertainment Weekly reports Thandie Newton’s side of the story that she terms as “empowering”. Thandie’s performance was met with approbations from critic circles, needless to say. Her co-star Evan Rachel Wood takes joy from being a part of a groundbreaking technology. Evan’s Dolores is the cynosure of most of the happenings of the Westworld theme park, hence she knows the standpoint of a host like no other.

Westworld Theories To Delve Into

The bonus feature will dig deeper into the role of an unseen hand to sabotage Ford’s plans. In the grand scheme of things, Ford’s nemesis is larger than life. The conundrum surrounding the Man in Black and Teddy will make more sense upon the Digital HD release too. Not to mention, the truth behind the self-sabotaging host might find an answer.

Maeve’s endgame and Bernard’s existential crisis is in a desperate need for some explanation, obviously. Important to remember that whatever was shown so far is exactly want the show runners wants us to see; no more, no less. With attention to nuances and throwing subtle hints, the show dare to tread on a path that was never taken before. Rest assured, the Digital HD will release on March 6, 2017.

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