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Westworld Updates: Check Out These Easter Eggs!

The popular sci-fi HBO series Westworld has just concluded its first season. A lot of fans were taken by surprise at the unexpected plot twist. The series is not finished with its surprises because it pulled a good one in real life.

Westworld Delos Inc. invite?

Westworld fans who signed up at the series website received a strange email after the last episode was shown. The email was sent by Delos Incorporated, the make-believe website of the series.

The email instructed the recipients to head straight to the Delos Security panel because they are going to make an important announcement. They noticed that the email contains a special password because some of the letters were grayed.

After isolating the grayed letters, it turned out that it spelled the word “reverie,” which was in reference to the last episode. When they head into the Delos Incorporated website and typed the word in the admin panel, a series of security screen will appear. One of those screens has a date that indicates June 16, 2052. If you go to the website and do this, you’ll be able to see this as well.

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If this indeed has something to do with Westworld, then it can be deduced that the present timeline of the series is 2052. If the theory is true, Arnold must have died in 2018, which is 35 years earlier than the Westworld timeline.

The amazing source code hints!

After that initial screen, two more screens will pop up. The first one contains the “Corrupt Footage” message and the next one will give you a series of source codes, and this is where things get more exciting.

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The “corrupt footage” contains some hazy pictures. That’s expected because it’s corrupt. Here is one of those footages shown on the website.


Photo Credit: Delos Incorporated website

Then, the Westworld source code hints also appears. The computer language might look like a jumbled mess. But after the translation, that’s where your Easter egg appears. Click the following image below to find out more what that Easter egg is.


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