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Westworld Season 2 Updates: Say Hello to the Samurai!

Westworld season 2 is one of the most anticipated shows from HBO. The debut season of the sci-fi thriller series was enthralling for the most part. So, what is in store for the season 2?

Maeve’s “sweet hereafter” didn’t quite turn out so. God knows what Felix has in mind. Dr. Ford redefines what they call a cliffhanger. William aka The Man in Black grins, as he finally takes a bullet from the hosts. So much for a mind-bending debut season and guess what! Westworld season 2 is nothing shy of its predecessor, except, it gets crazier!

Westworld Season 2: Expectations

Jonathan Nolan has a rather peculiar way of throwing around clues and gets one thinking out of the box. His brainchild of a show did just that. Perhaps, ask the Reddit users and they’ll testify to all the futile discussions. Jonathan Nolan, for instance, did just what the fans thought he would. The man himself gives his views to Variety.

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Firstly, he clarifies to Dr. Ford’s status and says that the enigmatic character is as dead as it gets. Furthermore, he voices his privilege of working with the likes of Anthony Hopkins. Turns out, Anthony knew where his character’s story is heading towards. Even to the tragic end!

Nolan clarifies that the finale doesn’t necessarily ensure that the upcoming season doesn’t feature more humans. Irrespective of how it went down, Nolan won’t go all out misanthropic, turns out. He and his wife are already working on the outlines and he doesn’t shy away from saying that it’s “fun”.

It’s no secret that the finale saw a never-seen-before ‘SW’ area of the labs. Case in point, rumors are rife that ‘SW’ refers to the Samurai world. In that respect, the question was thrown to Nolan and he subtly responded with, “stay tuned”.

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The Series So Far

Under the circumstances, it’s safe to say that the show is a success. Even before the conclusion of the debut season, Westworld season 2 saw a revival. HBO is keen on pursuing the project and so are the Nolans. Besides, fans are on the same page too. Important to note that Lisa and Jonathan made it abundantly clear that they have five seasons worth material already.

Bernold is back and he’s clueless as ever. Maeve’s plot didn’t go well with many viewers, but that’s still a go. Dolores is turning the tables on her predicament and she’s seemingly the linchpin, of course. That leaves the equation with Ford. Ford is gone, so to speak. Perhaps, that’s just what he wants the fans to believe.

Westworld season 2 will arrive no sooner than 2018. Violent delights have violent ends!

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