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Westworld Season 2: Are We Looking At Locations That Put Game of Thrones To Shame?

With Game of Thrones only having 2 mini seasons left, HBO has a new series that makes GoT look like it’s made for little girls. Remember the Truman Show starring Jim Carrey? Make a really dark version of that movie, something that you won’t let your kids to ever get a glimpse on; that’s Westworld and it’s getting a Westworld Season 2.

Westworld is based on the 1973 movie Westworld directed by Michael Crichton. It’s set in the future where it is possible to create androids almost similar to humans. Westworld then is an amusement for the rich and guests are treated as kings. They can do whatever they want to the androids, including rape, assault, and murder.

 Warner Bros. CEO dreams big for Westworld

Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara is thinking big for the new series. The viewer data of Westworld surpassed Game of Thrones in its maiden season. This means that the series will have more budget than what was originally planned. The series also gains opportunities for product sales and branding.

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“I think there are hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunity there alone, in addition to each of the other pieces,” Tsujihara said.

Tsujihara said that he was inspired by the name-brand and intellectual property of WB’s DC Comic line and the Fantastic Beasts movie series. He wants to bring the films to homes closer to the theatrical premieres to offer their audience more platforms. He says that the studio is making great progress in making this dream possible.

Westworld has a higher budget than Game of Thrones

Westworld has one of the highest budgets per episode in the history of television. The first season costs around $100 million and each episode has a budget of $10 million which is almost twice the episode budget for GoT. Westworld Season 2 is expected to gain more budget now that it gained worldwide popularity. Ramin Djawadi, who created the music for Game of Thrones, also created the score for the Westworld series.

What do Westworld, GoT and TWD have in common?

These series have been recently competing as to which series could provide the most brutal deaths ever. The Walking Dead’s new season revealed a gruesome death to one of it’s most beloved characters and who could forget that scene in Game of Thrones where The Mountain crushed Martel’s head like a grape? We still don’t know what Westworld could offer but it is very promising. The most brutal scene for Westworld is yet to come and who knows, maybe Westworld Season 2 has it.

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