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Westworld Season 1 Snobbed At The Golden Globes; This Is What It Did Wrong

We witnessed La La Land win every nomination it got in the latest Golden Globe Awards. La La Land set a new record for having the most wins at the awards. However, fans protest about how Westworld Season 1 got only 3 nominations despite its high acceptance rating.

The sci-fi series that features violence and questions human morality earned an unbelievable 9.1 in IMDB. Rotten Tomatoes community gave the show a whopping 92% on Average Audience Score. Somehow, these numbers became meaningless in the selection of the Golden Globe Awards.

What Went Wrong With Westworld Season 1?

From the pilot episode, this sci-fi action series repeatedly received good reviews from different personalities. Mark Trammell even said that the show could potentially be the Game of Thrones’ heir. Tyler Christian from The Young Folks praised the show’s well-constructed setting and anticipates how the inner and outer worlds will unravel.

As the episodes progress, however, many complain about the slow pacing and the lack of focus of the show. Episode 6, The Adversary, received only 87% from Rotten Tomatoes compared to the average 92%. In episode 8, some reviewers said that Trace Decay didn’t answer the major questions that kept fans wondering.

Westworld Season 1 Cast Must Have Failed

Despite the amazing script and stunning visuals, fans continue to ask what Westworld did wrong. The plot twists in each episode kept the fans at the edge of their seats for the next one. How about the cast; what can we say about them?

Even though Evan Rachel Wood gave a flawless acting performance in the entire season, the events didn’t really give way to scenes that would challenge Wood’s full capabilities as an actress. The Crown’s Claire Foy played the role of the Young Queen Elizabeth which assured her the award for the Best Actress in a Television Series.

Next Season Promises Clarity and Exciting Twists

Fans of Westworld pine over the wait for the next season. The studio announced that the second season will come out in 2018. However, the upcoming season will hopefully shed light to some of the biggest questions about Westworld.

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