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Vikings Season 4: We Heard There Was Going To Be Another Death

Fans of Vikings Season 4 brace yourselves. It seems like Ragnar Lothbrok, portrayed by Travis Fimmel, is not the only major character who dies this season. Lagertha, Ragnar’s former wife and the new Queen of Kattegat, may meet her demise in the upcoming episode of Vikings.

Vikings is a historical drama that airs on the channel History. Created by Michael Hirst, the show follows the life of Ragnar Lothbrok and how he rose to power as a Scandinavian King with the help of his family. It first aired in March 3, 2013 and is currently in its fourth season. A fifth season has been confirmed although there is no release date yet.

Vikings Season 4: Who Will Die Next?

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Many fans are heartbroken that Ragnar Lothbrok is already dead. As theories of Ragnar’s sons avenging him began to rise, so did the possible demise of Lagertha.

In the official promo for the 16th episode of Vikings Season 4, it appears that Bjorn, Ragnar’s son, will be the focus of Crossings. According to the synopsis, Bjorn and his men will sail onward and launch a surprise attack. Meanwhile, Lagertha continues her quest for power back in Kattegat.

Back in the previous episode, Ivar the Boneless reported to his brothers about their father’s death. In turn, Ivar found out that their mother, Aslaug, was killed by Lagertha. Full of vengeance, will Ivar kill Lagertha as payment for his mother’s life?

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Lagertha’s Call For A War

Crossings seems to be a bloody and action-packed episode. In the promos, it looks like Lagertha will be heading a war in Essex. In addition to that, Ivar clearly plots a revenge for his dead mother. There is no confirmation whether he will kill Lagertha immediately in episode 16 or do so in the upcoming episodes. All fans can do is wait and see when Crossings airs on screen.

When and how will Ivar kill Lagertha? How will Bjorn, Floki and Rollo react to the news of Ragnar’s death? And who will now rule them if Lagertha dies?

Catch Vikings Season 4 in your History channel!

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