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Veep Season 6: After Losing The Election, What’s Next For Selina Meyers

The Veep Season 6 trailer released at the SXSW event showed that Selina Meyer is trying to get her act together as a normal citizen. Meanwhile, showrunner David Mandel shares his insights on how the former president will try and cope with her current situation.

Veep Season 6 Trailer Released!

Four months after the 2016 US Presidential elections, Veep returns to the small screens. The political satire comedy series will showcase the life of former president Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) post-election life. The HBO series dropped its trailer at the show’s panel at the SXSW event.

Deadline reports that in the trailer’s intro, viewers will see the presidential candidate being interviewed where she says, “Well, this year has been fun. You know, really fun!” Moreover, she tells the interviewer that losing the elections hurt but she added that she had the chance to “reacquaint with an old friend of mine:” herself. In addition, Veep Season 6 will feature Selina’s struggle in defining her legacy as an ex-president.

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, most of the main players seen in Season 5 have now “fanned out.” The main character left to attend and be by Selina’s side is her personal aide, Gary Walsh (Tony Hale). The actor will be seen accompanying Louis-Dreyfus’ character in almost all of her appearances.

Veep Season 6 Spoilers

Selina losing the elections was what Veep’s showrunner, David Mandel wanted. In his previous interview with the outlet, Mandel said, “Her winning the election would be giving her what she wants. The comedy of Veep and Selina Meyer is her never getting what she wants.”

According to the showrunner, he wants to explore “his lead character’s worst fear: losing to another woman.” Moreover, Mandel wants Veep viewers to see how will Selina live in a world where she does not see herself in power.

However, the showrunner said that even though Selina is no longer president, she still has a lot of activities that a former Head of State usually does. In fact, Veep fans will see Selina engaging herself in various activities. One of which is painting a wall in commemoration of National Volunteer Day.

Moreover, another issue Louis-Dreyfus’ character has to deal with is her financial standing. The outlet notes that “MeeMaw left all her money to Catherine” (Sarah Sutherland), Selina’s daughter. There are speculations that Selina may choose to write a book to augment her income.

Veep Season 6 will air its first episode on April 16 at 10:30 PM on HBO. What can you say about the details revealed for the series’ sixth season? Share your thoughts with us!

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