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Toradora Season 2 Is Actually More Possible Than You Think

One of the best Rom-com anime, Toradora, getting its second season might not be as impossible as one might think. Toradora’s ending left its fans wanting more material like a Toradora Season 2. Unfortunately, the light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya already ended and it covered all volumes in the anime series.

Toradora tells a love story between a delinquent-looking guy named Ryuuji, and a short-tempered girl named Taiga. They both love the other person’s best friends. And so they decide to help each other out in achieving a successful lovelife. However, they get close and eventually fall in love with each other.

This cute love story became such a hit, that the character Taiga practically became the definition of the anime term “tsundere” which means someone who cannot be honest about feelings. Years after its airing, Toradora remains popular throughout the world.

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No Chances of Toradora Season 2 At All?

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If you’re looking for a continuation of the Tiger and Dragon’s story, then you’ll be disappointed. The novel ended on a note where the audience could run their imaginations to guess what would happen next. In short, there will be no season 2 of this popular romcom manga.

The anime, however, did not include the spin-off materials from the original novel. This means that the anime production staff could focus on OVAs set in the world of Toradora. Who knows, our beloved couple might make a cameo appearance in one of those OVAs.

Yuyuko Takemiya Has No Ongoing Novel?

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Yuyuko Takemiya, the author of Toradora has no ongoing novel or manga at the moment. Golden Time, another Takemiya work, got its anime series in the Fall Season of 2013. Her latest finished manga, Watashitachi no Tamura-kun, still has no signs of getting its anime adaptation.

For those who crave for cute romance, we may as well look at other similar anime. Plastic Memories provide the same ‘feels’ and humor Toradora delivered although prepare your tissues for heart-wrenching moments. Another anime that is similar to Toradora because of its successful romance between the two main characters. However, if you’re hoping for a more mature and realistic romance, then Rec! is just the perfect anime for you.

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