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Timeless’ Lucy and Wyatt Kiss: Possible Romance Explained!

For all the time-travelling that Lucy and Wyatt have been doing on Timeless, perhaps they never expected to wind up here. Before the show went on its winter break, the pair shared a kiss onscreen.

Sure, it may have been a “fake” kiss, meant to validate their disguise as a couple. But could that kiss lead into a romance much more real? Let’s take a closer look at what those locking lips meant before the show resumes this week.

It Was Just ‘Work’

During the episode Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde, the group traveled back to 1934. There, they came face-to-face with the notorious pair of bank robbers. In order to gain their trust (Bonnie had a key that they needed), Lucy and Wyatt pretend to be bank robbers and lovers as well. Their kiss was a moment of inspiration, making the act that much more convincing.

Naturally, this kind of act doesn’t go quietly among a show’s viewership. Timeless Fans immediately began arguing on the validity of that kiss. How real was it? What was that momentary expression of shock on their faces, following the kiss? And is something really brewing between Lucy and Wyatt?

Executive producer Eric Kripke has the short answer: “No,” he tells TV Line. “There’s some kind of sexual tension there. I think that first kiss kind of awoke something that was subconscious before,” he explains, before concluding, “It’s just another color in their relationship.”

So that seems like two co-workers simply doing a very good job. All in a day’s work for a pair of time travelers just trying to avert historical disaster.

Timeless’ Lucy and Wyatt Romance: It’s Complicated

Despite Lucy and Wyatt eventually turning their focus back to their mission to stop Flynn, their working relationship does maintain its share of complications. The two certainly have their own hands full, without a potential romance elbowing its way into the picture. Lucy has her “fiancé” back in the present; Wyatt is still coming to terms with the death of his wife, Jessica.

“Both of them have to deal with those things and their personal issues before anything can take place with them,” Abigail Spencer, who plays Lucy, said in a Pop Sugar interview. “It is definitely slow burn.”

Still, both the Kripke and Spencer imply that the romance isn’t off-limits. Timeless still has three more episodes before the season’s end – plus, hopefully, another season on the way. Fans on board this particular ship may yet have something to look forward to. Can’t wait to see where this relationship goes? Timeless returns with a new episode on Jan. 16.

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