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This Is Us Spoilers: More Jack And William Death Theories

This Is Us viewers continue to stay glued to their seats every Tuesday night so that they don’t miss how Jack Pearson died in the series. However, there are now speculations swirling around the internet on how Dan Fogelman will make the reveal. A box of tissues next to your chair will be a good idea.

Everytime a new This Is Us episode is aired, avid viewers hoped that creator Dan Fogelman will relieve them of their misery and reveal how Jack Pearson died. Fogelman shocked fans when the series revealed Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death early on in the series.

This Is Us Double Death Episode Possible

With This Is Us nearing its season finale, Us Weekly reports that viewers came up with a set of theories on how Jack’s death reveal will take place. The outlet notes that as William (Ron Cephas Jones) slowly loses his battle to cancer, there are speculations that Fogelman will do a double whammy and tackle the deaths of the characters in one episode.

The source notes that This Is Us viewers started tweeting about the possibility of the double deaths episode. Twitter user @XLeeeeshX tweeted, “*gasp* They’re going to show Jack’s death when Williams dies. I’m not ready #ThisIsUs”

Moreover, another user of the 140-character social media platform made a comment about This Is Us writers. The user said that they are “good and evil that way.” Overall, almost everyone agrees that they don’t think they can handle both William and Jack’s death in one episode.

This Is Us Jack’s Death Theories

Meanwhile, details on how Jack died still remains a mystery until this time. Refinery29 reports of another theory from one Reddit user, south_chi_guy. The latter report notes that the redditor started a thread speculating that Kate (Chrissy Metz) found Jack’s body, instead of Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

This is possibly the reason why it’s hard for Kate to open up about her father’s death. The source notes that in This Is Us Episode 15, Toby (Chris Sullivan) wanted to know how Jack died. However, Kate responded saying that she “can’t get the words out.”

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In the meantime, viewers can only wait how This Is Us writers will put everything together when they finally do reveal it on screen. This Is Us airs every Tuesday at 9 P.M. on NBC. How do you think will Fogelman reveal Jack’s death? Share your thoughts with us!

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