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This Is Us Spoilers: Jack Might Cheat On Rebecca

This Is Us viewers will only have two episodes left before the Pearson family takes a break. However, there are speculations that the upcoming episodes may rattle Jack and Rebecca’s almost perfect relationship. Are you ready to know more?

The Pearson household is breaking their viewer’s hearts. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) had a fight about the latter joining her band for a tour. TV Line reports that this argument led Jack to reconsider making amends with his one old friend: alcohol.

This Is Us Episode 17 Spoilers

The outlet notes that Ventimiglia admits that Jack drinking again can spell danger and more problems. However, Jack’s reunion with alcohol is probably the least of Rebecca’s concerns right now. This is because in This Is Us Episode 17 titled What Now? Jack and Miguel’s assistant, Heather (Megan West) will probably share more than just a drink.

The outlet notes that the two will exchange looks inside a bar. In the episode’s promo, Heather will ask Jack if she can get him a drink. Towards the last scene, Jack looks like he’s thinking whether he does want one or not.

Meanwhile, Refinery29 reported that speculations of the Jack-Heather affair came about because of hints from previous episodes. The latter report noted that clues were dropped about Jack and Heather’s extra-marital affair.

Will Jack And Heather Have An Affair?

The source noted that Heather has already started flirting with Rebecca’s other half since her first appearance on the show. In The Best Washing Machine In The World episode, West’s character adjusted Jack’s shirt where she even said that “his wife should have caught that.”

The outlet opined that with all the sad and heartbreaking plots shown in the NBC’s hit series, avid viewers are still hopeful that Jack will not taint his “good husband” image. According to the publication, the episode can go the other way too.

Though Jack has all the opportunity to have an affair with Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) assistant, he didn’t, instead, he will choose to turn Heather down. Moreover, the source noted that the upcoming episode is not really about the affair but about Jack making “a serious choice about his future relationship with his wife.”

While viewers are dying to get more clues, the initial report noted that Ventimiglia wants viewers to wait. “All answers will come, probably pretty quick.” This Is Us will air its penultimate episode on March 7 while the show’s season finale titled Moonshadow will be released after a week.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming This Is Us episode? Share your thoughts with us!

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