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This Is Us Season 2: William Dies, But Ron Cephas Jones Will Return

Despite William’s death last Tuesday, This Is Us Season 2 will still have Ron Cephas Jones return to the series. Moreover, Jones reveals how his character will continue to be a part of the Pearson family. On the other hand, he also recounts the time they spent in Memphis and his hospital scene with Sterling K. Brown.

This Is Us continues to break the hearts of their viewers. Last Tuesday, their avid viewers wept when William (Ron Cephas Jones) died in the hospital after his Memphis trip with son, Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

This Is Us Season 2 Cast Update

Netizens can’t believe that Williams is already out of the series. Well, maybe not just yet. Hollywood Life exclusively reports that Jones might return for This Is Us Season 2. The outlet notes that since the series is known to integrate flashback scenes, they learned that Jones’ character will end up along appearing along that line.

The publication reports that Jones is just happy that he will continue portraying William in NBC’s hit series. Jones said, “At this point, I’m just totally satisfied at the moment with knowing that the character’s going to be back for season 2.”

On the other hand, in Jones’ interview with Vulture, the actor revealed that he is still mourning for his character, William. Moreover, the Mr. Robot actor disclosed that even though the hospital-bed scene was one of the last aired on the Feb. 22 episode, it was actually the first scene that they had to do in their shooting schedule.

Ron Cephas Jones Recalled Memphis Episode’s Shooting Days

Jones said he and his This Is Us c0-star, Sterling K. Brown were not ready to do the scene then. The latter report notes that Brown agreed with Jones and even commented that it was a “tough scene to work with.” However, when they finished it, they were relieved that it was over and they can enjoy each other’s company.

When in Memphis… #ThisIsUs

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In the same interview, Jones told the outlet that though their trip to Memphis was short, their shooting day on Beale Street was the “most lifting and beautiful part of the trip.” The actor went on to say that this is because there’s a lot of famous street history that happened in Baele. Moreover, Jones recounted the great music that came out of that street and cites Elvis Presley as an example.

This Is Us aired the heartbreaking episode featuring William’s death last Tuesday. On the other hand, This Is Us still has two episodes left before it officially closes Season 1. The This Is Us Episode 17 titled What Now? will air on March 7.

Are you also happy that Jones’ character remains in the series? Share your thoughts with us!

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