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This is Us: The Real Status of Toby

NBC’s This Is Us shocked viewers during the mid-season finale. One of the characters, Toby (portrayed by Chris Sullivan), had a near-death experience. Now fans of the show are wondering: Is Toby alive?

The show is a comedy drama that first aired on NBC last September 2016. The cast includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley. It follows the life of a family, sharing same birthday but has different personalities and tastes. Critics praised the show for the cast’s performances and the show’s plot.

What Happened To Toby in This is Us

In the show’s tenth episode, Toby surprised his girlfriend Kate by appearing in front of her house. Apparently, the two had broken up because Toby broke his weight-loss goals. After making a heartfelt confession to Kate, Toby suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. The scene has left many fans in uproar, worried for the well-being of Sullivan’s character. However, an answer was provided during the Tuesday premiere of This is Us (Warning: Spoiler alerts!)

The answer: Yes, Toby is alive. He didn’t get a heart attack as many expected. Instead, he suffered from cardiac arrythmia, a condition where the heartbeat is irregular.

The near-death experience has caused Toby to change his perspective in life. It was also the time that Kate finally admitted she loves him, suggesting that the couple may settle down soon. The hospital scene can be considered as Toby’s unofficial proposal to Kate.

What’s Next For Toby And Kate

ET caught up with Sullivan and asked him about Toby’s state and his future with Kate. Sullivan admitted that he felt relieved that it was finally revealed that Toby is alive. According to the actor, “It was all that people talked about during the holidays. Toby made it and I don’t have to keep any more secrets.” Sullivan also expressed his gratitude to the fans who were worried for Toby’s condition.

With regards to Kate and Toby, Sullivan said he will not be surprised if one episode of This is Us will be dedicated to the couple’s marriage. He also added that Toby will be keeping it low because of his heart surgery. “Dan Fogelman can always remind that Toby has a hole in his heart and that he can go at any second,” Sullivan said.

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