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This Is Us: Mandy Moore Talks Jack’s Death And More

Hold on to those boxes of tissues This Is Us fans! Mandy Moore hints that Jack’s death may not be featured in the series’ season finale episode. Meanwhile, after the March 7 episode, viewers seem to think they already know how Jack died.

This Is Us viewers are at the edge of their seats wondering whether Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) will die because of a car crash. Because netizens want to know, Mandy Moore was asked on her Tangled: The Series press junket, if Jack’s death will be shown in the finale.

Mandy Moore Puts A Word Of Caution For This Is Us Viewers

E! News’ correspondent posed a question if This Is Us viewers will finally witness Jack’s death. Rather than answering the question directly, Moore initially said that she wants to caution people about the upcoming episode.

After that, she immediately diverted her statement and said that viewers will probably have to wait and “potentially not finding out (about Jack’s death) this early on in the series.”

Meanwhile, Refinery29 reports that some of the show’s avid supporters don’t think Jack will die in a horrific car accident. The latter report noted that Redditors said that This Is Us writers are actually “faking out its audience.”

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A scene in the episode showed Jack dropping his keys, after calling then teen daughter Kate (Hannah Zeile) to thank her for her advice to make it right with Rebecca (Moore). The outlet notes that the episode was implying that Jack will die because of his drunk driving.

Jack Did Not Die From Car Crash

However, the source noted that Redditors were quick to notice that this may not be the case. In NBC’s official photos for the Moonshadow episode, it revealed that Jack is still alive and well, no bruises. This means the Pearson’s head of the family did not figure into any accident.

Though they were quick to point out that he is still wearing the same shirt he wore in the What Now episode. Reddit user Harmony30 speculates that Jack probably went home because he realized that he cannot drive to Cleveland and meet his wife.

Moreover, it seems that Jack crashed to the family’s couch and was not able to pick up the kids, as per Rebecca’s instructions. Of course, just like the rest of This Is Us theories, we all have to wait to see whether this theory checks out. The last episode of This Is Us Season 1 will air on March 14 on NBC. Do you have your own theory on how Jack died? Share them with us!

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