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This Is Us Jack Pearson’s Death Theories Surfaced!

This Is Us cast Jack Pearson’s death is still a great mystery to its viewers. Due to the series of events that happened in the Pearson’s family, Jack’s death was set aside. However, this time, a theory has again resurfaced that can shed light on how it all happened.

A lot of This Is Us viewers want answers. How did Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) die? Even before the series reached it’s third episode, supporters were shocked that the Pearson family has already lost their dad.

How Did Jack Pearson Die?

Refinery 29 reports that a fan seems to think that he has already solved one of the series’ greatest mystery. Reddit user knuckle_cracker speculates that Jack was one of the passengers in a plane crash that happened in 1994. This fits the time period where “people speculate Jack perished.”

The redditor went on to say that the US Air Flight 427 did crash that year. He went on to say that according to history, the said plane was heading to Pittsburgh. This fan went further with his speculation and said that Jack’s last conversation was with his daughter, Kate (Chrissy Metz).

Knuckle_cracker said that this is probably the reason why Kate was traumatized by her father’s death. Another possible clue that may linked to this theory is Kevin (Justin Hartley) destroying all the model airplanes he and his father built.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed reports more theories about Jack’s death and where the characters were before, on and after his death. The source notes that Jack allowed Rebecca (Mandy Moore) to go with her group for their Jazz tour. Despite that, Rebecca still feels guilty leaving her family over the tour. Some fans did actually jump into the idea that Jack will probably die while Rebecca is on tour.

More This Is Us Update

On the other hand, some speculate that their marriage is already falling apart. This even led to a theory that when Jack died, the two were not even a couple anymore. Some say the reason behind this is Moore’s character not letting Jack know about her relationship with her band member, Sam (Sam Trammell).

There are probably a few more theories on how Jack’s death came about. Fans of the NBC series can only wait until Dan Fogelman and his pool of writers are ready to reveal how it all happened.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode titled Memphis will feature Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and his biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones). The father and son will take a trip down to Memphis where Randall will get to know his more of his father’s past. The This Is Us airs every Tuesday on NBC. Do you have a theory about Jack’s death? Do share them with us!

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