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The White Queen and Its Uncanny Resemblance to the Game of Thrones

The White Queen is based on a true story while Game of Thrones is pure fiction. Moreover, they are written by two different authors. However, there seems to be an uncanny resemblance between their stories and the characters they have.

The White Queen and Game of Thrones coincides?

The White Queen opened up its episode with someone running in the snow trying to escape an unseen enemy. Although it was just a prophetic dream, the scene was reminiscent of the Game of Thrones opening where someone was running through the snow covered forest.

Another “coincidence” in both series is the casting of Robert Pugh where he played an almost similar character to that of the GoT’s. In The White Queen series, he was Elizabeth’s loving father. He will give anything to protect her from his enemies and support her dreams.

In Game of Thrones, he was Craster of Craster’s Keep. He might be rougher in character compared to Baron Rivers but he also loved his children fiercely. Thus, fans of the Elizabethan drama are expecting that Baron Rivers might suffer the same fate as Craster – dying while protecting his children. With that in mind, The White Queen fans will have to expect a bloodbath happening soon.

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Secret marriages and magic?

Those two things are not the only similarities between the two series. Because of this, it sometimes crosses the mind if the Starz series is paying respect to the HBO series. The White Queen cannot be criticized for that since Game of Thrones indeed is one of the most notable shows in TV history.

Going back to coincidences, another similarity was the secret marriage between a noble and someone of a lesser birth. The only difference is that their ending turned out differently.

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In Game of Thrones, Robert Stark chose to marry the woman he was attracted to despite their differences in rank. In The White Queen, King Edward IV secretly married Elizabeth Woodville. While Stark’s young love had a tragic ending, Edward and Elizabeth progressed but became more like Robert and Cersei’s relationship.

Lastly, both series use magic. Although Starz’s The White Queen doesn’t use actual magic, the characters’ use of intrigue and connivance works like sorcery in annihilating their enemies. As Jacquetta, who is Elizabeth’s mother, declared, “Magic is in our blood.”

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