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The Walking Dead: Teaser Reveals Who Betrays Rick

AMC was kind enough to satiate the desire of The Walking Dead fans by releasing a couple of teaser images. Images are a vague prelude to impending betrayal!

For someone who don’t heed to the grapevine, rumors were aplenty that an insider is conniving against Rick and Co. AMC, for instance, threw subtle hints about the imminent betrayal by a member. The latest teaser images of The Walking Dead seemingly hint at a member who is selling Rick out. No, not the hilltop Gregory.

The Walking Dead: The Betrayer

Among the teaser images released by AMC, there’s one that stands out. Not for its nature or savagery, but for the bleak situation it portrays. Case in point, Rick and Co. are facing a rather pitiful Enid with glum expressions. Poor Enid, one might think, but hey, there might be more to the story.

What if Enid is the rat who is selling Rick and Co. out? Fans are contemplating such a proposition in the wake of the teaser release, reports TVLine. In their defense, Enid always had an enigmatic aura about her, didn’t she? Tough as Enid portrays herself to be, she was never the one to come out completely trustworthy.

Remember the time when fans thought Enid was with the Deadly Wolves? The series is heading to the second half of the seventh season and the stakes are high, of course. Negan will face a more resolute and feisty Rick who will stop at nothing to overthrow the diabolical villain. Besides, how long will Rick live under his shadows anyway.

The Walking Dead: The Build-up

Giving the benefit of doubt to the synopsis, Rick should succeed in besting Negan. Furthermore, colonies might come together for the cause too. Also, the rumor mill has it that new survivors might come into the equation. The same synopsis adds that the survivors will indeed join Rick’s cause, but treachery is in store too.

Considering that the betrayal comes from inside Rick’s circle, it might prove costly. Contrasting reports emerged earlier predicting the demise of Rick which cannot be overlooked, under the circumstances. Negan, with his callous and brutal ways, might get rid of Rick. So far, Enid’s theory is one from the fanfare, or is it a straw in the wind?

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