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The Walking Dead Season 7B: Everything To Know

The second half of the seventh season of The Walking Dead is around the corner. Expectations are aplenty, plot is obscure. Read on.

By and large, The Walking Dead is set to delve heavily on retribution in the season 7B. Negan’s tyranny is perhaps at the brink of a saturation point, beyond which, Rick won”t play along. Along with a resolute company with similar aspirations, Rick is likely to read the riot act to Negan soon. Jumping the gun won’t help Rick, however. He has to watch his every step, tie all the loose ends and step up his game a little bit. Not to mention, he has to lose his timidity.

The Walking Dead: Season 7B

TV Guide speculates the contents of the mid-season and establishes an astounding one. Also, makes a retrospective case on what’s brewing for the premieres on Sunday. Alexandria was finally coming together, but Negan is worsening the situation. He’s more or less breaking the will of Alexandria and all for what – keeping Rick at bay. The reason for Negan to kill Spencer was as simple as the latter not having guts. Negan didn’t quite take a liking towards Spencer’s shenanigans to overthrow Rick, hence he spilled his guts. Literally!

Rosita went on a retaliation mode and by that, enraged Negan who took Olivia’s life. Besides, he took Eugene as hostage too. When Rick got back, he was confronted by Negan who was mad as a March hare. As a punishment, he will levy more sanctions as far as the debts are concerned. Rick is done playing the oppressed and he’s likely to revolt against the tyrant.

The person in boots following Rick might be good news, after all. Turns out, there is another community who might join Rick’s cause in The Walking Dead 7B. Sanctuary is no exception in terms of conspiracies and malice building up. Negan’s wives are discontent, lieutenants are likely to double-cross, which makes it hard at home for the adversary. Folks at hilltop are getting cold feet to aid in Rick’s fight against Negan. Perhaps, the repercussions of their last attempt on Negan is proving too dear.

Kingdom And Oceanside

Speaking of people getting cold feet to go against Negan, Kingdom’s leader Ezekiel is the epitome. Even though his sidekick Richard is vehement to join the fight, Ezekiel begs to differ. Richard hopes that Morgan and Carol can convince Ezekiel otherwise, but Carol wants to stay out of it. Ezekiel has a deal cut with the Saviors for peace-keeping and doesn’t want to sabotage such agreements.

The women at Oceanside have a leverage that is guns! Negan is unaware of their existence and location, which gives them an upper hand. Tara got to see them at their fortress and she promised to keep it furtive before she left. In case the situation calls for it, she might turn towards the Oceanside again. Time for war is now.

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