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The Walking Dead Season 7: What Fans Should Expect From The Mid Season Finale

In The Walking Dead Season 7 midseason finale this Sunday, someone is going to die. But the question is, who will Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill off this time?

It’s bound to happen. Sunday’s episode, after all, is the mid-season finale of the current season. The creators would most likely want us, fans, to be on tenterhooks until the next episode a couple of months from now.

Who is going to die in The Walking Dead Season 7?

In a sneak peek of the The Walking Dead Season 7 upcoming episode, Negan was seen walking away from Rick (Andrew Lincoln) with blood on his face and clothes. Since Negan’s character has a penchant for cold-blooded murder, we are sure someone was tortured with an ax or his baseball bat again. We sure do hope it’s not Rick.

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The Walking Dead Season 7

Screen cap from the Twitter page of The Walking Dead

Since we haven’t seen anyone relevant die since the season premiere, we can be sure that a major character will be killed off in the mid-season finale. Who will it be? The fearless prediction is Spencer (Austin Nichols) because that’s what happened in the comics.

Then again, there is a strong evidence that Negan might want to turn the baseball bat on Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick’s son. Carl killed two of Negan’s men. So, it is likely that he wants to take him down for it. Add to that the fact that Riggs may be leaving the show for college, and we got ourselves a prime victim.

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Carl may be a good choice for Negan to kill, Judith would be a better choice. Since Negan wants to torture Rick, killing his youngest would be the perfect plan.

Do Daryl and Rick have a plan?

It’s hard to see Rick carrying water for Negan and telling everyone “this is how it is now.” In the comics, his character had a secret plan on how to take down Negan. Hopefully, the show won’t divert from the source and will see the revelation here.

Another thing the fans can expect (and definitely want to see) is the eventual escape of Daryl (Norman Reedus). He has been in the Savior’s clutches since The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered. So, it is high time we get to see him start his journey home.

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