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The Walking Dead Season 7 Ratings Dip; Season 8 In Looming Danger

The Walking Dead Season 7 is still the most watched series by young audience. It is next only to sport events, and beats all its competitors with the same genre and timeslot. The midseason finale last Sunday had 10.58 million viewers, out f which 6.53 million were aged 18 to 49 years.

But compared to last season’s midseason finale, that number was down by 27%. It was also down by 40% from Season 7’s premiere. This is the steepest drop in ratings of any series ever.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is still an advertiser’s dream

Most networks would kill to have the ratings that The Walking Dead Season 7 has. No other series can generate that much interest, attention, and ratings. Networks can only dream that advertisers would come knocking at their doors the way they do for TWD.

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The Walking Dead Season 7

Screen cap from the Twitter page of The Walking Dead

The problem with The Walking Dead is its C3 ratings, the number that measures how many people are watching the commercials within three days. While most shows’ C3 are only a fraction bigger than the ratings for the night, TWD actually loses more than a million viewers when the commercials air.

The Nov. 27 episode showed that 6.29 million of the 18-49 age bracket watched the show during the night. After three days, that number grew to 8.88 million. However, the average C3 rating dropped to 5.93 million.

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TWD’s Season 8 to be canceled?

In October 2016, we confirmed that The Walking Dead was renewed for another season. And that the season would premiere in late 2017, kicking-off its 100th episode. That was done a day before the premiere of Season 7, so ratings then were high because of the aftermath of Season 6’s finale.

Will Season 8 get canceled because of the less-than-stellar performance of TWD on its C3 ratings? Definitely, no. A quiet slump in ratings is expected for a series that has been running the last seven years.

And since AMC is planning to bring some of its business to streaming services, we might soon see The Walking Dead Season 7 on Netflix. That will certainly bring the boost in ratings that AMC is aiming for.

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