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The Walking Dead Season 7: More Possible Deaths Before Season 8

If you’ve been following The Walking Dead for some time now, you might have noticed a pattern: people die; a lot, of course. It’s fair to say that season 7, now about halfway through, isn’t ending any differently. The season premiere certainly got off to a promising start. Killing two characters off where fans were only expecting one demise, promised that things were going to be bloodier than ever. Besides, with a character like Negan around, it wouldn’t be any other way.

But who are we expecting to bite the dust this season? Once again, fans have gotten to work: analyzing the characters’ respective arcs from a narrative point of view; comparing their TV appearances to the comics’ counterparts; and taking hints from the series’ cast themselves. Here are some theories on who could die when the season resumes on Feb. 12:


Sasha’s been pretty hardened by the events of the series. In fairness, deaths to a brother and two boyfriends would do that to you. But despite the character growing stronger and more valuable as a member of Rick’s gang, actress Sonequa Martin-Green has been picked up to star in Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek: Discovery. The casting may be because Sasha doesn’t have much more time left on The Walking Dead.


Carol was apparently supposed to die all the way back in season 3. Melissa McBride’s portrayal had turned Carol into a fan favorite, however. Her journey has been one of transformation – once just a mother, now making difficult decisions to survive. However, the extension of her character arc can only go so far; her clock’s ticking. She’s already done all she can for Rick and his group. Her interactions with King Ezekiel and a desire to slow down the action in her life is our hint: Carol may be at the end of her journey.

Three weeks. #TWD returns February 12.

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Okay, hold on a minute – we know, how could the showrunners possibly kill off series sweetheart and ultimate fan favorite, Daryl Dixon? It’s simple: Daryl doesn’t have a particular arc in the comic, so he’s hardly safe in the transition from source material to screen. We know The Walking Dead wants to hit its audience in the face with deaths that matter, deaths that will change the game. If Negan were responsible for such a death, he’d be getting the worst of fan vitriol for a long, long time.

Any predictions for characters getting the axe? Hit us with your thoughts for The Walking Dead in the comments below!

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