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The Walking Dead Season 7: Dead Characters Returning, Abraham Included!

Negan has made a pretty big impact on the show. No one felt that impact more than Glenn and Abraham… literally. Both characters’ heads were infamously bashed in by the leader of the Saviors, and his trusty baseball bat Lucille on The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. And all the fans who had been waiting for a character death got two.

But, as we all have learned from the show – and the zombie apocalypse genre, in general – is death not often permanent on The Walking Dead. Could someone be making a return soon?

Faces From the Past? shared that, according to a supposed rumor flying around, Abraham (Michael Cuditz) will be making a reappearance. Though the whispers don’t have a particular source – likely just rumormongering fans – there is a way that we could see the big ol’ redhead one more time.

And, no, it’s not what we think – with Abraham’s skull reduced to mush and his face pretty much splattered all over the ground, there’s no way he’s coming back as a walker. However, we may be seeing him in a flashback.

The bad news? It’s likely to happen right before Sasha’s eyes, before she’s killed off toward the season end. We’ve seen this happen before when her brother Tyreese met his demise on the show. Right before Tyreese was killed, he went through brief hallucinations of the Governor, Beth, Mika, and Bob. If Sasha were to undergo a similar situation, we’d most certainly catch a glimpse of the beloved sergeant one more time, in pre-You-Are-It fashion, of course.

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The predictions of Sasha’s death has become a common theory for The Walking Dead season 7. It’s been announced that actress Soneqa Martin-Green will be playing the lead on Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek: Discovery. Her new role has fans suspecting that she’s dropping out of the TWD cast to focus on the CBS sci-fi series. In term of the show’s character arcs, it would bring Sasha’s narrative – after losing her brother, and two loves, over five seasons – to a close.

The Walking Dead Season 7 – Who’s Next?

Sasha’s death is hardly the only predicted death. Other names that have been brought up include Carol, Morgan and even Daryl. It just seems to be the kind of ongoing risk when someone like Negan is in charge. And if the comics are any indication, the war between Rick’s gang and Negan’s Saviors won’t be an easy one for either side. Nobody’s safe.

Think that Michael Cudlitz could be making a return? How about Steve Yeun as Glenn Rhee? Hit us with your The Walking Dead season 7 predictions below!

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