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The Walking Dead Season 7: Bloody And Violent Episodes Are Coming

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on the plots and storylines rather than on the killings, which fans have been used to. It has been quite short in zombie killing, so the producers are making up for it on Sunday’s Say Yes.

The official synopsis for Say Yes said that the group, meaning Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), will scavenge for supplies. All our favorite “games” were featured in the episode: Whack-a-Walker, Pin The Hatchet On The Walker, Dodgem Walker Cars, and many more. Remember, the group had to give the Junkyard Gang weapons to get them to fight Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The Walking Dead Presents More Bloodbath

Of course, hunting for weapons isn’t that easy for Rich and Michonne in The Walking Dead. We saw both of them being surrounded by hungry Walkers and having to fight them off in a schoolyard carnival. This even forced Rick to climb a ferris wheel and get stuck there while fighting off Walkers.

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Finally, fans were happy to see Rick and the rest of the gang fighting off zombies on just about any available surface of The Walking Dead universe. The past few weeks of pretty much solid plot action are finally done. We’re back to what Rick and the gang know best—full-on blood splatter.

We saw Rick and Michonne using pistols, too, meaning they have somehow found the weapons they have been seeking. Remember, the weapon-hunting is important for their fight against Negan. This will fulfill their promise to Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and hew scavenger group.

This storyline is different from Robert Kirkman’s comics, on which The Walking Dead was based on. There were scavengers in the comics, too, but they were introduced way before Negan’s introduction. However, McIntosh in an earlier interview hinted that her scavengers are the same one from the comics.

Rick May Die In Season 7

Is it possible that Rick’s character, the main protagonist since 2010, will die this season? Director Greg Nicotero earlier said that the show may have to change routes now that the focus isn’t on Alexandria anymore.

We have seen the other communities taking the lead, specifically what’s happening in Hilltop, the Kingdom, and the Sanctuary. There are also new characters in play as the Alexandrians met King Ezekiel and travel to the Kingdom.

Nicotero said The Walking Dead is not just about Rick anymore. It’s also about all the other groups that are fighting to survive.

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