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The Walking Dead: Rick Just Might Die Fighting Negan

Rick Grimes’ is turning over a new leaf currently in The Walking Dead series. Although the new comic cover says otherwise!

Negan is second to none in The Walking Dead series after his exploits over the last season. Rick is under his mercy and has little to no choice in the matter. However, in 2016’s final episode – Hearts Still Beating, Rick showed glimpses of his old self. Rick and co. may have found their mojo back, one could argue, but hey, there’s a bummer!

The Walking Dead: Rick and Negan

Digital Spy weighs in on what might happen to Rick Grimes in the upcoming episodes. Also, the impending release of the comics have a thing or two to grab one’s attention. Needless to say, Rick’s side of the story is subject to dramatic events henceforth. A singular argument is that Rick will cause an uprising against Negan and this time he won’t fail.

To aid in the process, he will bring the colonies together and expand his group with new survivors. The above speculations is the courtesy of the comics that will release sometime in February. The issue 163 and the follow ups will heavily feature a revolt against the diabolical Negan, the reports predict.

In contrast to that, the cover of the upcoming comic paints an entirely different picture. On an outward look, it appears as if Rick is under an unfortunate circumstance. Amid the myriads of Walkers’ arms, Rick’s lies – albeit struggling. A question arises, if Rick will ever make it to the subsequent seasons, obviously.

The Flip-side

In another cover of the 163 comic edition, Rick has a slight makeover. He’s wearing Negan’s outfit and not to mention, he has the Lucille too! Important to jog the memory to the 159 edition of The Walking Dead comic when Lucille went into pieces. If Lucille is six-feet-under, then what is Rick holding then?

Perhaps, Rick saw Negan off and became an alter-ego version of it? Too surreal? May be, but not far-fetched at all. The 163 issue will release on Feb. 1 – a week earlier to the series. Under the circumstances, it’s essential not to jump the gun. It’s in the best interests to wait and see what’s in the store. The series never disappoints, anyway!

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