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The Walking Dead: Is This A Filler Episode Or Did Something Remarkable Happen?

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 last Sunday night stepped away from the usual. The series with an average of 42 minutes, ran for 1.5 hours. Furthermore, instead of the usual one character and story, the latest episode showed multiple subplots.

Sing a Song episode was a total chaos!

Even though the series tried to break away from its usual shenanigans, the episode couldn’t sum up and connect everything. Some unnecessary scenes distracted the audience’ focus on the real main plot. Dwight and Sherry’s scenes failed to connect to the main plot. Dwight asked Sherry how she sleeps at night while she works for Negan. Sherry returns the question and Dwight simply said, “I don’t.”

The Walking Dead Episode 7 Recap

Rick and Aaron went out to scavenge. They found a camp whose owner was most probably dead. His treasures were at the middle of the lake and Rick and Aaron go to retrieve their scavenge.

Michonne sets out a trap to catch one of the Saviors and have her take her to Negan. The scenes just entirely show how badass Michonne is.

Spencer was driving with Gabriel and they both talked about Rick’s leadership. The former said how he hopes that Rick won’t make it back, which offended Gabriel resulting to the latter leaving on foot. Spencer then finds a treasure of supplies which he plans to give to Negan.

Rosita asks Eugene to make her some bullets but Eugene refused. Rosita then insults Eugene saying that Eugene is a coward and that the latter was only alive because people felt sorry for him. Later then, Rosita apologized to Eugene but Eugene rejects her.

Carl fools Jesus into jumping from the truck and the latter went on ahead without him. We then see Jesus on top of the truck but when Negan talked to Daryl, Jesus was no longer on the roof of the truck.

Daryl received a noted that says “go now.” We will find out his decision on the next episode.

Carl sets out to find Negan, shooting a couple of Saviors in the process. However, when Negan showed up, Carl couldn’t pull the trigger to shoot him. The saviors captured Carl and the latter dying in the next episode of The Walking Dead is wishful thinking.


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