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The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Stefan, Elena Reunite But Stelena Fans Should Not Rejoice

While we are not ready to say goodbye to our favorite The Vampire Diaries Season 8 characters, we cannot help but speculate on the March 10 series finale. The show’s executive producer, Julie Plec, went on Twitter to answer some of the most burning questions from fans.

Of course, now that we know that Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) is returning for the final episodes, everyone’s talking about if we’ll get to see another one of her character, Katherine. And Plec’s resounding answer is “Si! [Yes!].” There’s going to be a revival of one of Elena’s many characters.

Stelena Is Possible In The Vampire Diaries Season 8?

Sadly, we might not see a reunion between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena in The Vampire Diaries Season 8. Plec remained vague about it, and she was very direct about not wanting to reveal anything about Stelena. She said it would be “spoilery,” a term borrowed from a Twitter fan.

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Of the 2,400 responses Plec received on Twitter, most of these wanted to know if there can be a reunion between Elena and one of the Salvatore brothers—Stefan or Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Plec, however, also did not say anything about a Deleana (Damon and Elena) reunion.

We saw in the short teaser clip that Elena was talking with Stefan. This is the same clip where Elena asked why was she there (in front of their high school trophies) and what happened to her. In the clip, we can see Stefan in formal clothing.

Many believed that this meant Stefan will be marrying Caroline (Candice King) in one of these last episodes. But wait, how about Klaus (Joseph Morgan)? Isn’t Caroline supposed to reunite with him?

Plec actually went so far as to suggest that the ending will tie with The Originals’ storyline. “A tiny tiny bit,” she said.

Other Tidbits About TVD Season 8

Based on the Q&A with Plec on Twitter, we got a lot more details about the final episodes for TVD. First, the final scene of the series will happen inside the Salvatore house and there might be a last entry for the diary. Second, Kai (Chris Wood) will not have a happy ending and there will be no children added.

If you are curious whether Damon and Elena will come face to face, yes, they will. This is actually what fans of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 have been waiting for. The chance of these two exes (real and fiction) facing each other again is the real treat.

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