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The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Elena May Join The Familiar Faces In Damon’s Head

The latest The Vampire Diaries episode, The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch, is another step toward the series finale. And yet, with only seven episodes left to go, we’re still not quite sure if, and how, Elena will make her return. Damon, Bonnie, Enzo and company just can’t seem to make up their minds on what they’re doing.

Ever since Nina Dobrev dropped out of the show in its sixth season, fans have eagerly awaited a return. Elena Gilbert, after all, has been at the heart of the events at Mystic Falls. It’s only appropriate that she wakes up from her slumber before The Vampire Diaries rolls credits for the last time. It’s too bad that the curse – which keeps her asleep while Bonnie is alive – is complicating matters.

Get A Grip

First, a brief recap the important things we’ve seen this episode. Stefan is going full-Ripper mode. And his on-screen jerkiness is actually so amusing, it’s a wonder that he doesn’t just stay that way. Bonnie and Enzo worry about their relationship issues and consider turning her into a vampire – a matter complicated by the curse of Elena.

And Damon – well, Damon seems to be breaking free of Sybil’s influence. It seems like the love he has for Elena continues to elbow its way into the show. It grounds him, keeps him in the fight for control of himself. Sure, we can call it a tether, linking Damon to the side of his humanity that can never be wiped. Love does remain a theme of the show, of course. But one can’t help but feel that it’s all simply in prelude to Elena’s inevitable return.

“She is still a light in Damon’s life,” actor Ian Somerhalder said, in a TV Line interview, “even cast in the darkness of her absence.”

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Inside Damon’s Head

The premise for episode 10, Nostalgia’s a Bitch, is an interesting one. Sybil puts Damon in a “catatonic state”, and to pull him out of it, Caroline and Bonnie enter his mind. In doing so, they “run into familiar faces from past.”

So, judging from the title and the premise, the episode is going to be a real trip down memory lane for fans, The Vampire Diaries-style. CW has already revealed two characters making a reappearance: Sherriff Forbes and Tyler Lockwood, both of whom have already died.

We’re probably going to see more surprise characters as well, people whom Damon has encountered, in one big nostalgia-trip fitting for a farewell season. Expect that we’ll get at least a glimpse of Elena Gilbert’s face in that muddle. It’s only right. And for the fans, it’s only fair.

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