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The Vampire Diaries: Will Katherine Ruin Caroline And Damon’s Wedding

When all of us thought Stefan and Caroline were getting married for real, something else happens. In the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries, Steroline seem like they’re finally tying the knot. But it’s only because to lure out an old enemy.

The Vampire Diaries Steroline Wedding

The preview for episode 15 of The Vampire Diaries airing on March 3 is up and it packs a certain twist. The show’s main antagonist from the earlier seasons is back in Mystic Falls. Nina Dobrev returns as Katherine Pierce and she looks like she’s hunting everyone again.

It’s up to the old gang who knows very well what Katherine is capable of. So what’s Damon’s plan? In order to lure Katherine out of hiding, Damon suggests a party she would never want to miss and that’s Caroline and Stefan’s wedding.

“She’s obsessed with Stefan,” Damon says in the preview. “We shove Stefan’s happiness in her face.”

It seems like a wedding is on. But whether or not it’s going to be the real deal or a set up, we’ll have to find out when it airs this Friday.

How Will It Turn Out?

Katherine was, and forever will be, hooked up on Stefan and this wedding seems like a foolproof plan in getting her to reveal herself. But the preview seems to show otherwise as there are dead bodies and explosions in the mix.

There’s a particularly short clip in the trailer that shows Caroline getting caught in a blast. Will she manage to survive that one or will this be like Jo and Alaric’s wedding where the whole place blows up?

But on a brighter note, at least fans know why Stefan and Damon were wearing the suits they saw in previous finale promos. Many thought that it was because of Bonnie’s funeral. But now we know it’s for Stefan and Caroline’s wedding.

We also get to see an old star back. Nina Dobrev announced her departure from the show back in 2015. Though that seemed to disappoint fans, the show managed to continue on without her. Now, she’s back as Katherine. Even though she’s technically not the good girl here, at least we get to see Nina with the gang again.

Will the plot to lure Katherine out with this wedding be a success? Or will we see someone dying in this week’s episode? Catch The Vampire Diaries on CW on Friday nights at 8/7c and check out the preview below.

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