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The Vampire Diaries: Elena And Damon To Reunite For TVD Finale

If you blinked, you might have missed it. The Vampire Diaries came out with a teaser for their I Was Feeling Epic episode, and they had fans scrambling on Twitter with their Delena memes. The teaser showed Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) hugging during their reunion.

Isn’t that what fans have been waiting for all-series long? A chance for Elena and Damon to be together again. This is especially ironic since the two were real-life sweethearts when they were filming the earlier season.

The Vampire Diaries Is A Reunion Between Nina And Ian

Does the reunion on The Vampire Diaries teaser means Dobrev and Somerhalder have buried the hatchet? The actress left the series shortly after her breakup with Somerhalder, who has since gotten married. The fans mostly believe that the two did not have an amicable breakup.

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In the teaser clip, Elena was seen calling out to Damon, who, at first, didn’t see her. She asked: “Damon?” He immediately turned in shock and the pair embraced longingly.

Behind them, Stefan (Paul Wesley) looked on and welcomed Elena back to the fray: “Welcome back.” You think the two were not in love earlier in the series (shakes head).

As you can remember, Elena has been in a magically-induced coma with her life tied to Bonnie (Kat Graham). In order for either to live, one has to die. Now that Elena has woken up, it isn’t clear if Bonnie will die in the end or the spell has simply broken.

Aside from Elena’s return, we should also be looking forward to the “resurrection” of another one of her fan favorite character, Katherine Pierce. After Damon and Stefan finally defeated Cade, the man known as the Devil and the Ruler of Hell, it means that the position has been passed on to Katherine.

Nina To Come Back As Katherine Pierce

Who’s up to some Katherine antics? Katherine has been in love with Stefan for over, well, 150 years. Unfortunately for her, Stefan is getting married to his new love, Caroline Forbes (Caroline King), so this will certainly lure Katherine out from hiding.

Dobrev has also teased Katherine’s return earlier. With the penultimate episode entitled We’re Planning A June Wedding, it looks like her return will be earlier than expected. She, after all, has to stop her love from marrying someone else.

Since the news came out of Dobrev’s return, the fans have been focused on her Elena character. That makes sense since Elena had an open-ended “ending” while Katherine was supposedly killed off in Season 5.

We’re sure The Vampire Diaries is going to give fans an explosive ending. They have already proven their desire to give them what they want with Dobrev’s return, after all.

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