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The Royals Season 3: Who’s The New Character? This Season Has Us Drooling!

The Royals Season 3 is more outrageous than ever! The last season had us at the edge of our seats as Prince Robert, apparently dead from the previous season, is alive. Shocking! The third season doesn’t seem to slow down on its plot twists and revelations.

Jake Marshall’s character, Cyrus,  still does everything that he can to retain his throne, including his unpredictable spat with Queen Helena. According to the staff, their favorite character to write about is Cyrus because he gets to say anything. Anything goes with Cyrus, the new king.

Some romance sparking again?

Eleanor and Jasper’s hand-holding provides a clue about their future relationship. Apparently, the couple still has their eyes on each other. Although their romance will be slow since there will be a lot of effort needed on Jasper’s part, the couple’s spark still burns.

Cyrus still bullies Liam!

Cyrus, aware of the possibility of being dethroned, picks on Liam a lot. The latter, to let out his frustration, joins an underground fight club. Poor Liam, but he will most probably have the chance to get back at Cyrus. It’s just a matter of time. It’s Cyrus against the world.

The Royals Season 3 reveals a new character?

Prince Robert got trapped on an island, and earlier press shots revealed Max Brown, playing the role of Prince Robert, in his Khaki shorts and an unkempt beard. In the photo, however, beside him was a mysterious blonde. Speculations circulate the internet as fans wonder who this blonde is.

“That is someone from my past, who helps me to make a very important decision about what I’m going to do,” teased Brown. This could mean that this lady doesn’t actually exist on the island with Robert but is just a figment of his imagination. After all, without food and water, Robert will surely hallucinate a number of times in the series.

What will happen to Robert?

Robert’s return will surely stir things up in the kingdom. Cyrus doesn’t want to let go of his power and he will surely do everything to keep Robert from returning. Robert might not return but when he does, he will surely be shocked by the turn of events. He will find out that his father was murdered, his uncle is now the King and his siblings’ blood in question.

Watch out for more The Royals Season 3 updates.

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