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The Magicians Season 2: Major Characters Die; Julia Hunts Reynard The Fox

If there’s one thing that can stir up the loyal viewers of a show, it’s the death of a major character. Fan favorites have always evoked strong reactions from the audience. And it looks like something like that will happen in The Magicians season 2.

The fantasy television series follows the life of Quentin Coldwater as he enrolls at Brakebills College. As he grows older, Quentin discovers that the magic world is real and poses a huge threat among humanity. The show first premiered on Syfy on Dec. 16, 2015. The series is currently on its second installment, with the first episode to air on Jan. 25.

The Magicians Season 2: (Some) Spoilers and Updates

TV Line reported that the show will have more musical numbers and might have “major” character deaths. Executive producer Sera Gamble revealed that much during an interview with the site.

“We have several musical numbers for season two because John McNamara is writing the show. And that’s his forte,” Gamble said, “But it’s not all fun and joyful singing; there will also be serious times. I can say that there will be major characters who will die in this season.”

McNamara and Gamble also revealed what’s in store for the characters in The Magicians. They revealed that Quentin and his friends will battle the threats while climbing up the royalty status in Fillory.

Gamble exposed on what will happen to Quentin and his love interest, Alice. The two are expected to go through normal adult troubles after their ruined relationship. McNamara, however, added that their relationship will become worse thanks to creatures who are trying to kill them.

McNamara also teased about Penny and his struggles after getting his hands back. “Penny is going to deal with a lot of things,” McNamara said, adding, “His hurt is not just physical.”

Julia versus Reynard The Fox

Gamble and McNamara revealed that Julia will find ways on how to stop Reynard the Fox. The latter was the trickster god who raped Julia and killed her friends. “Julia needs to stop Reynard because she is one of the reasons he is wreaking havoc,” Gamble said.

McNamara shared that Julia will find an accomplice to defeat Reynard the Fox. “She will team up with The Beast,” McNamara said, “Viewers will get to know more about The Beast in season 2.”

Catch the first episode of The Magicians season 2 on Jan. 25 on Syfy!

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