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The Handmaid’s Tale: It Has Similarities With Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel Reveals

The Handmaid’s Tale cast member Alexis Bledel reveals that the Hulu original series is similar to Gilmore Girls. Moreover, the actress gives tidbits of information on what the audience can expect from her character, Ofglen. Find out why this upcoming series should be on your to-watch list.

After the successful release of the mother and daughter series, Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel returns to the small screen this April. However, the actress’ role will play a different kind of role. TVLine reports that Bledel is part of Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Alexis Bledel Reveals Stars Hollow And Gilead Similarity

In Bledel’s interview with the outlet, The Conspirator actress reveals that though the main plot of the Hulu original series is about “female oppression and sexual servitude,” the series’ community, Gilead is similar to Gilmore Girls’ small town, Stars Hollow.

“They’re both very distinctly their own worlds,” said Bledel. However, the actress said that Gilead and Stars Hollow are both “complete in design and rich in detail.” Moreover, the actress said that she feels spoiled to have these two towns as “backdrops.”

Unfortunately, the similarity ends there because Bledel’s character in The Handmaid’s Tale series is far from her Rory character. The outlet notes that the 35-year-old actress takes on the role of Ofglen, a handmaid. Ofglen will initially strike viewers as a loyal follower of Gilead’s system. However, viewers will see a turning point in Ofglen, says Bledel. The actress further noted that her character wants to fight back and be an instigator of change.

“Ofglen wants to create change. She wants to right a lot of the wrongs that are happening around her to people she knows,” says Bledel. The actress went on to say that as Ofglen learns of the depressing news happening around her, something inside her gets lit up, which makes her determined to do something.

More Details About The Handmaid’s Tale Series

People Magazine reported that Hulu released the series’ teaser last March 8. This was to coincide with the celebration of International Women’s Day. The Handmaid’s Tale will have 10 episodes.

Moreover, the latter report notes that apart from Bledel, Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men and Joseph Fiennes stars in the series. The Handmaid’s Tale trailer features Moss’ character, Offred, the few remaining fertile woman in Gilead. She works as a handmaid in the Commander’s household. Moreover, Offred has only one goal in mind: “to survive and find the daughter that they took from her.”

The Handmaid’s Tale will premiere on April 26 on Hulu. What can you say about the book’s recent adaptation? Share your thoughts with us!

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