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The Discovery – New Netflix Trailer Shows A World With A Proven Afterlife

The questions related to afterlife have always intrigued humans for as long as can be. While depictions of it have been showcased on various shows and films, The Discovery seems to be trying something different. That’s what we see in the first trailer, just released, of Netflix’s new film.

The film does more than speculate on what an afterlife might look like. This one tackles what might happen to human behavior, should an afterlife ever be proven.

Fast-Forwarding To The Afterlife

On Netflix’s YouTube page, the description of the show reads: “One year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified, millions around the world have ended their own lives in order to ‘get there’. A man and woman fall in love while coming to terms with their own tragic pasts and the true nature of the afterlife.”

Robert Redford plays Dr. Harbor, the physicist who proves the existence of the afterlife, and therefore indirectly responsible for the suicide explosion around the world. Jason Segel is Will, his neurosurgeon son. Rooney Mara gets top billing as well, as Isla, one of Dr. Harbor’s followers.

According to the trailer, it seems Dr. Harbor went into hiding with his research, shortly after the surge of suicides began. But as Will goes after him, a new breakthrough discovery is introduced – the ability to see the afterlife on a screen, by tapping into the dead’s brainwaves.

No Reset Here

The sci-fi film looks like it’s taking a page out of The OA’s book – another Netflix film that has tackled the idea of “other planes of existence”. Deadline describes it as “part Philip K. Dick, part Stanley Kubrick, with a dash of Christopher Nolan.”

The thing worth looking forward to in The Discovery is the treatment of director Charlie McDowell. McDowell, who debuted with The One I Love three years ago, seemed to approach the afterlife concept with a specific philosophy in mind:

“For me, the movie was much more about pulling a geographic which we do here in life… Things aren’t going well here in New York, so I’m going to try moving to LA. That ought to solve it. But you find out you take yourself with you. You never really get a fresh start.”

And indeed, the trailer does come off a little grim, with the likes of Jason Segel – usually known for happier-go-lucky fare like How I Met Your Mother – looking desperate to make sense of the situation.

Early reviews have generally been positive, however. Rotten Tomatoes currently gives it a 69% approval rating. Alissa Wilkinson of Vox says, “The Discovery invites us to reflect on our own lives through a slightly bent lens.”

The Discovery premieres on Netflix on March 31.

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